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Dear Friend

Scouting’s success depends on the tireless efforts of our volunteers and the generosity of our families and Friends of Scouting like you.  Your investment in Scouting assists us in providing the best possible programs for the youth in our communities. We are a "not-for-profit” organization that relies on the support of individuals and the community to provide a quality program to the youth that we serve.

It is with your help that the Hudson Valley Council continues to provide training for volunteer leaders, program resources for our Scouts and Leaders, and most importantly we continue to operate two of the greatest Scout camps in the country with facilities and programs second to none. In order to provide these programs our budget currently pays 9 staff members who are supporting over 4000 adult volunteers and 350 units.

Over 8,000 youth are involved in the Hudson Valley and have had their lives enriched last year as a result of Scouting programs and they continue to count on investments in their future from Friends of Scouting contributors like you. I know you will want to support the Hudson Valley Council through your Friends of Scouting donation once again. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this important request.  Together we can help the youth of our communities face the realities of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow, while giving them the values for a lifetime so they are Prepared for Life!

Our budget can be analyzed by the following percentages:

Revenue is received from Special Events 22%, Camping 19%, United Way 1%, Legacy and Bequest 10%, Foundations 1 %, Popcorn 13%, and FOS is at 19%. 

Our Expenses are the following: Administration 9%, Fundraising 11%, and Program is at 80%.

You can now make your pledge/payment on line at the following link:


Yours in Scouting  


Levels of Giving

$97.00 Average Gift in Heritage District in 2014

$150.00 Supports one Scout for the Year and you will receive 3 shoulder strips
$300.00 Supports 2 Scouts for one Year  
$500.00 Supports 3 Scouts for one Year and you will receive

$750.00 Supports 5 Scouts for one Year

$900.00 Phenominal Support for 6 in a Den or Patrol

$25.00 Takes 6 gifts to support one Scout

$75.00 Takes 2 gifts to support one Scout



Simply click The Give to Scouting Image or the select the Menu item entitled: "Make a Donation to FOS!!!" on the left.


Heritage District, Boy Scouts of America


Dear Friend of Scouting:

Prepared. For Life.
The Hudson Valley Council and the Boy Scouts of America have prepared young men and women for prosperous and productive lives for over 104 years. Scouting has provided these Scouts with the essential life skills necessary to take on the many challenges that life’s journey has presented them.  Be sure to watch our story in the video below.
The Boy Scouts of America teaches timeless values – Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient,Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, And Reverent – but the Scouting program in the Hudson Valley Council is much more than feel-good Americana.  Scouting has never been more relevant or important to our communities than it is today.
Last year, thousands of young people experienced the adventure of Scouting in the Hudson Valley Councill.  Some camped out for the first time while others learned first aid and lifesaving skills. Most importantly, Scouts had the chance to build confidence and character through the mentorship of another Scout, adult leader or parent. I would like to make sure that every young person that wants to join Scouting has the chance, but I need your help today to make that happen.
Here is a quote from a Scout in the Hudson Valley Council:
                     “I am so glad my Mom got me into the Boy Scouts. I have done things like sailing,
                     camping, hiking; things I am not sure I would have been able to experience without 
                     being part of the Boy Scouts. They have taught me that I need to be responsible for  myself, to
                     work hard at what I want and to be respectful of others. I believe that I 
can go to college now,
                     get a good job and maybe one day be able to show my own 
son all about Scouting.”

We need your help to continue our mission of having Scouts believe they can and will achieve their dreams.  We need your help today to Prepare more young men and women For Life.  Please watch this short video on Scouting in the Hudson Valley Council...Click here!
It costs $150 per youth, per year, for the Hudson Valley Council to maintain its services.  Please consider a 2014 tax deductible gift in support of the Scouting program.  Please click to  to Support the Scouts of the Hudson Valley Council.  
I thank you in advance for your generosity.
David G. Horton, Scout Executive
Hudson Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America