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February 9 and 10 2019

Theme: Winter Olympics

Registration is now open!!

Location: 24 Mahogany Rd, Monticello, New York 12701


- Biathlon. Running a course and stopping at various targets to shoot a pie tin with a slingshot. Bullets will be dog food. It will be a relay race and timed. Can also add snow shoes to run in if Mother Nature provides us with snow. Timed event.

- Hockey. Having materials to lash together to make a hockey goal and string a net. Then the unit will have to shoot three pucks in the goal from about 10 yards. Timed event and checked for lashing accuracy.

- Luge/Bobsled. A luge athlete ran off the track and broke his leg. Your bobsled team mist race to him, perform first aid and carry him on a litter (stretcher) to the finish line. Event will be timed. Time event and check for first aid accuracy.

- Olympic Torch. Units will have to start a fire. The fire must be tall enough to burn a rope. Once the rope is burned, they can ignite a torch to carry to light a ring on fire. Timed event.

- Medals Geocache. We will hide a bronze, silver and gold medal. Units will use a GPS to find the medals. Timed event.

- Additional Event (weather pending): Snow Artwork - Each troop will compete in a snow artwork contest. They must build something out of snow and be judged by the staff.


Leaders Guide here!