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Heritage District Awards Ceremony
Congratulations to all the winner.
District Award of Merit: Chris Eachus
Scoutmaster of the Year: Michael Grieifenstein Troop 4023
Assistant Scoutmaster of the Year: Randolph Sutter Troop 4031
Troop Committee Chair of the Year: Brian Lake Troop 4031
Troop Committee Member of the Year: Lola Kusumoto Troop 4327
Pack Committee Chair of the Year: Patrick Mannion Pack 4006
Cubmaster of the Year: John DeFrancesco Pack 4032
Assistant Cubmaster of the Year: Trisha Falgiano Pack 4030
Den Leader of the Year: Mark Read Pack 4023
Skipper of the Year: Theresa Brizzolara Ship 4340
Popcorn Kernels of the Year: Tina & Damian Bossio Pack 4177
Charter Representative/Partner of the Year: Peter Efinger, VFW Post 8858
Hidden Hero of the Year: Joe Murphy
Commissioner of the Year: Luis Luciano 
Virtual Hero Award: Mark Grogan
Wilma Zupko Membership Award: Pack 4177
Sparkplug Award
Mike Bliss - Walden Parks & Rec
Tara McCormick - Pack 4032
Megan Reifenberg - Pack 4023
Ron Prestia - Ship 4340
Thomas Giorgianni - Troop 4007
Melodie Palacino - Troop 4062
Stan Ferguson Award: John Graesser
Council Award of Merit: Matthew Grogan


Heritage District had a larger than normal number of scouts looking for project review and Eagle Boards. Please join Heritage District in congratulating our Eagle Scouts!

March 2020      
  Michael G Troop 4023 3/11/2020
  Braden V Troop 4023 3/11/2020
  Harry O Troop 4063 3/11/2020
  Michael B Troop 4316 3/11/2020
  Matthew M Troop 4416 3/31/2020
April 2020      
  George E Troop 4028 4/1/2020
  Matthew C Troop 4440 4/8/2020
  James B Troop 4118 4/8/2020
  Mason S Troop 4033 4/17/2020
  Matthew W Troop 4033 4/28/2020
May 2020      
  John C Troop 4416 5/13/2020
  Kevin R Troop 4031 5/19/2020
  Tyler F Troop 4316 5/21/2020
  Declan L Troop 4386 5/22/2020
June 2020      
  Justin G Troop 4540 6/5/2020
  Colm D Troop 4045 6/10/2020
  Michael C Troop 4316 6/15/2020
  Ethan M Troop 4062 6/18/2020
  Anthony P Troop 4077 6/23/2020


In the beginning of March 2020 we held in-person Eagle Boards. Due to Covid-19 the district moved to holding Eagle Boards by video. 





The Engineering Explorer Post 4088 invites scouts between 13 and 21 to join us at our monthly meetings, the second Tuesday of every month, at our office in Middletown, 22 Mulberry Street. Each month we pick a different topic/activity in engineering and we explore what goes on. We have gone over solar power cars, catapults, built dams, as well as other engineering feats. Please consider joining us each month. If you have any questions or would like to attend, talk to Zachary Raessler. His contact information zacharyadam97@gmail.com.


As troops move to Scoutbook here are two links Scoutbook and Scoutbook Forums. As always if you don't find what your looking for there you can try youtube!


Zoom Roundtable is the second Thursday of the month



Upcoming District Dates

Serving: Blooming Grove, Cornwall, Cornwall on Hudson, Chester, Coldenham Florida, Goshen,  Hamptonburgh, Harriman, Highland Falls, Highland Mills, Maybrook, Monroe, Montgomery, Newburgh, New Windsor, Walden, Warwick, Washingtonville, Woodbury and West Point

'Preparing and inspiring a new generation of leaders to face impending
challenges with courage, wisdom, and integrity; ever reaching to the future
while remaining rooted in traditional Scouting values."

  District Key Leadership  
Chris Eachus, Courtney Grogan Jon Whitaker
District Chair District Commissioner District Executive
cweachus@msn.com cgrogan1224@gmail.com jon.whitaker@scouting.org

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