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Serving: Blooming Grove, Cornwall, Cornwall on Hudson, Chester, Coldenham Florida, Goshen,  Hamptonburgh, Harriman, Highland Falls, Highland Mills, Maybrook, Monroe, Montgomery, Newburgh, New Windsor, Walden, Warwick, Washingtonville, Woodbury and West Point

'Preparing and inspiring a new generation of leaders to face impending
challenges with courage, wisdom, and integrity; ever reaching to the future
while remaining rooted in traditional Scouting values."
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District Key Leadership





Paul Lumpkin,
District Chair


Karl Raessler,
District Commissioner


Jon Whitaker,
District Executive


Roundtable - February 14 2019, at Roundhill.

Upcoming District Dates

Heritage District would like to congratulate our newest Eagle Scouts and first group for 2019!

January 2019    
  Jacob K Troop 4004
  Jacob O Troop 4004
  Benjamin W Troop 4016
  Kieran L Troop 4023
  Mason W Troop 4031
  Nicolas J Troop 4045
  Michael A Troop 4062
  Gregory M Troop 4118
  Logan S Troop 4118
  Cristofor D Troop 4540






The Combined Klondike Derby registration is now open, the last day to register is January 31. It is limited to three hundred participants. Register NOW!


Heritage District would like to congratulate our newest Eagle Scouts and last group for 2018!

December 2018    
  Asher S Troop 4023
  Lucca D Troop 4031
  Matthew K Troop 4045
  Christopher S Troop 4416
  Daniel T Troop 4416



The Engineering Explorer Post 4088 invites scouts between 13 and 21 to join us at our monthly meetings, the second Tuesday of every month, at our office in Middletown, 22 Mulberry Street. Each month we pick a different topic/activity in engineering and we explore what goes on. We have gone over solar power cars, catapults, built dams, as well as other engineering feats. Please consider joining us each month. If you have any questions or would like to attend, talk to Zachary Raessler. My contact information zacharyadam97@gmail.com.

Rechartering, charters have been available at the Council Office and at Roundtable. Remember All adults MUST have taken the new YPT to recharter. Charters can be handed in at the Council office, Roundtable and Charter turn-in day on Saturday January 26 at the Council Office from 9am to 1pm. Please have Charter signed, payment and JTE.



As troops move to Scoutbook here are two links Scoutbook and Scoutbook Forums. As always if you don't find what your looking for there you can try youtube!


Heritage District would like to congratulate our newest Eagle Scouts!

November 2018    
  Cameron G. Troop 4028
  Steven A. Troop 4031
  Thomas G. Troop 4031
  Jason L. Troop 4031
  Jeffrey K. Troop 4045
  Alexander H. Troop 4062
  Jack B. Troop 4118
  Robert K. Troop 4327
  Christopher C. Troop 4440
  Kevin G. Troop 4440





Roundtable is the first Thursday of the month at Roundhill Elementary, starts at 7:29pm.

Commissioner meeting is the first Thursday of the month at Roundhill Elementary, starts at 6:29pm.


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Hudson Valley Council
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