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Process for Merit Badge Counselor Registration


Below is the Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) registration and approval process for the Hudson Valley Council. 

Note that there is no fee for registering as a Merit Badge Counselor. 

The National BSA web site has general information on Merit Badge Counselors at http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/GuideforMeritBadgeCounselors.aspx 

Latest update of the Council's MBC training presentation:  Here

The BSA Guide to Safe Scouting has specific requirements and procedures for shooting sports and for aquatics, winter, and other special activities. These policies apply to all BSA activities, including merit badge instruction.  Details on the qualifications can be found here.

Registered Unit Leaders who wish to be Merit Badge Counselors must submit registration forms to be a counselor.  The Guide to Advancement, published by National, states that being a merit badge counselor is separate from being a Unit leader, and therefore Scoutmasters and other Unit Leaders must be registered for any merit badge they want to counsel, in order to sign off as a MB counselor.


·   To register as a New Counselor

Each candidate must complete the following:

1.      National BSA Adult registration form. Indicate Merit Badge Counselor, code 42, in the position description box.

2.      Merit Badge Counselor form to indicate which badges are being requested. A maximum of eight will be permitted, with no more than four coming from the Eagle required list.

3.      BSA Youth Protection training - the training can be completed online or at a District or Council Training. Create a profile or log in to your existing profile, take the training if not already completed and print out the completion card (http://www.scouting.org/Training/YouthProtection.aspx).  If you are currently registered with BSA and are unsure of your BSA number, please contact your unit or council to prevent creating a duplicate profile.

The forms should be filled out, copied, with the originals mailed to the Council office attention “MBC Registration”.    Alternatively, the forms may be computer scanned and sent via email to Debra.Federici@scouting.org.  If sent by email, use the subject line “MBC Registration”. The originator should retain copies of all forms.

4.      Following approval by the Hudson Valley Council office, the Counselor form will be stamped “approved” and given to the specific District Advancement Chair or designee for review and approval by the committee of each MB requested.

5.      Following District approval, the District Advancement Chair, or designee, will contact the individual and inform them of the action taken.

·     Current Counselor, to add or remove a specific MB

1.      The counselor must complete the Merit Badge Counselor Form to indicate which badges are being requested to be added or removed. Please note you cannot add badges over the limit of eight.

2.       This form should be filled out, copied, with the originals sent to the District Advancement Chair, or designee, for approval. The contact information for the District chairs can be found at this link (District Advancement Chairs)

3.      Following District approval, the District Advancement Chair, or designee, will contact the individual and inform them of the action taken.

Yearly Renewal

Every year, as part of the District Charter Renewal, it is required to confirm the registration of each counselor, and ensure active status of Youth Protection Training.

The counselor will be contacted to confirm their intention to continue as a Merit Badge Counselor. Currently this is done by email. If the counselor does not wish to continue then they must respond and they will be removed from the active list.

If Youth Protecton Training has not been completed for the year prior to District Recharter at the end of December, then they will be removed from the active list.

If a counselor is removed from the active list and later wishes to renew, it will be necessary to complete a new Adult Application and Merit Badge Counselor Form and forward them to Council.


If the Council Office has any reason to remove an adult from active registration, the appropriate communications will be made to the District Advancement Chair, or designee, to inform them to remove the specific person from the active Counselor list.


BSA National Merit Badge Counselor Orientation

Guide for Merit Badge Counselors

Guide to Advancement - The Merit Badge Program

Guide to Safe Scouting

Intro to Merit Badges - Includes links to all current Merit Badges

Questions may be directed to the Council Youth Development Chair.