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Cub Scout Leader Training

Cub Scout leaders must first complete Youth Protection.  This course must be recertified every 2 years.  It is available in each district based on the district's training schedule and it is available online through the Online Learning Center (http://www.my.scouting.org)

There is also a DVD course in youth protection called ?It Happened to Me?.  This course is meant to be a training/discussion with the youth members to help them recognize and avoid dangerous situations.


Cub Scout Leader Specific
Cub Scout Leader Specific Training (CSLST) includes Cubmaster, Den Leader, Webelos Den Leader, and Committee Chair Training. This course is offered by district. The complete list of Training Courses can be found by clicking on the online calendar of this website.

Required training courses for all Cub Scout Leaders is now available online at: www.scouting.org/volunteer/training

Courses include:
1. “Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training” and
2. “Youth Protection"

The courses have been updated to support the new Cub Scout Delivery Method rolled out earlier this year. Now, den leaders and assistants, Cubmasters and assistants, pack trainers, and pack committee chairs and members can now learn the how-to’s for successfully conducting an engaging den and pack program and can become confident in the role each plays.

Online training is also available by clicking the link: www.scouting.org. When entering www.MyScouting.org, click on the E-Learning link under the Training header located on the left-side menu. Then click on the Cub Scouts tab and voila!... all leader training is at your convenience.

If you do not have a MyScouting account, there are simple instructions on the landing page that will help you create one.

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation

The goal of Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) is to provide the inexperienced leader with the skills and confidence necessary to venture into the great outdoors with his or her Cub Scouts and provide them with a great first-time experience.  There must be one BALOO trained leader on any overnight event for a Cub Scout Pack.

Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders
The Outdoor Skills for Webelos Leaders (OLSWL) training is designed to help Webelos Leaders provide a memorable camping experience for Webelos Scout Dens by providing leaders with the necessary outdoor skills.

All Scout Leader Training
To see a list of all trainings available to Scout Leaders and a descorption of the trainings, click here.